Ship tanking

the term of «tanking» (increasing the armor) is used in many online games, including world of warcraft. the tank is a player with the strongest armor, which can resist a lot of damage, and which can easily kill a weaker player. the purpose of the tank is to take the attacks of «bosses» upon himself, while the colleagues are causing damage to the boss with anything they can.
tanking is about the same in space game, too. by itself, reinforced armor is always good, for any vehicle. a tanked carrier is more likely to normally deliver the cargo, and for combat ships tanking is in general a vital necessity.
the purpose of tanking is simple - survive the damage from the enemy. this is achispace gamed in two ways - either the total hp from the armor and shield of the ship are definitely greater than the possible damage inflicted on them by more or less similar ships (though there is tanking against titans as well, and it's pretty efficient); or the shield has to be promptly restored to the value, which compensates for the damage received in the battle (the armor cannot be quicly regenerated).
from the above-metioned it appears that in space game-online there are two different ways of tanking that can be applied to any ship - shield or armor tanking, or tanking with both shield and armor together.
ships in space game online have different bonuses, different number of med and low slots (this is often dependent on the race of the ship), different initial values of the hit points of armor and shields.
in general, amarr and gallente ships are better suited for armor tanking (although they have some ships with great shield tanking); and minmatar and caldari ships better manifest themselves when tanking with shields. mixed tanking (shield and armor) is not used so often - it is not so effective. we can approximately assume the following - ships with a large initial amount of armor, and many low slots are better armor tanks, and ships with good initial shield points and many medium slots will be better shield tanks.



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