Shield tanking

for good shield tanking the following modules can be used:
shield booster (sb) — increase the efficiency of the shield;
shield boost amplifiers (shba) — increase the amount of regenerated energy of the shield.
 these modules are placed in the middle slots. the shield booster works about 4-5 times faster than an analoguos repair module, but not as effective in terms of energy consumption (as an average, 1 unit of shield is restored consuming 1.5 units of the capacitor).
also, the shield by itself has the property of self-regeneration, which the armor does not have.
to increase the number of hp of the shield skill shield management is needed, which increases the shield hp by 5% per skill lspace gamel. module shield extender, installed in the middle slot, would increase the total size of the shield of the vessel. also, rigs and implants will be helpful for tanking.
self-regeneration of the shield (similar to self-regeneration of energy (capacitor)) is the factor that induces a lot of players in favor of shield tanking. by choosing the optimal ratio of shield units and the time of its recovery, we can achispace game very good performance, by the so-called «passive shield tanking».
and to improve the parameters of self-regeneration of the shield the following modules are used: shield extender, to increase the volume of the shield; shield recharger to increase the rate of regeneration of the shield (these two modules are installed in middle slots); shield flux coil, which increases the rate of recharge of the shield, but reduces its overall size; shield power relay to reduce the rate of energy recharge of the ship, and the correspondingly increase the rate of regeneration of the shield (these two modules are placed in low slots).
for passive shield tanking different rigs and implants are used, as well, - though they both  have their own penalties on other parameters of the ship.



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