sspace gameral ways of getting isks in space game

there are many ways to acquire isk’s in space game and space gamery player can choose one of many different paths to get rich. you can mine valuable items and the sell them at your local market and if you have good market skills you can make space gamen more. you can use these items and minerals to make new items and ships that can be sold space gamen for a bigger price.


and there’s always a possibility to salvage wrecked ships or space gamen attack other players in low security regions to take all their possessions with a goal to find expensive loot. doing all this you can work for a corporation and receive more. sometimes a player who doesn’t want to attack other pilots and scavenge for loot is able to fly high-lspace gamel missions. it may not be as interesting to fight other players, but it’s much safer and doesn’t involve any conflicts.


there are ways of acquiring isk’s that are not always considered legal, buy they are quite common for the big part of the community. a player can buy the isks from an isk-selling company for the price that will be always cheaper than the price of plex from ccp. in this case it always important to check if the company provides a safe transferring method (like sending minerals instead of isk’s) and is well-known.


these are just sspace gameral ways to get isk’s, but they are very popular among most of the pilots. you can choose one of them of use more than one to make your game experience much more interesting.


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