Selling the ore

if you did space gamerything correctly, your hold is full of ore mined in asteroids, and you want to get your honestly earned isk for it. to do it, first go back to the station, from where you had warped to the asteroids belt. dock to it. (this is done by selecting the dock option in the context menu). the ship will automatically jump to the station, will approach to it at the right distance and dock. the whole flight will happen automatically and safely.
after arrival to the station, open the hold of your ship and take all the ore extracted at the asteroids out into the container of the station (this is done in the items tab).
the next step is clearing the mined ore, which can be done by using the equipment at the station if you are a beginner.
each cycle of ore purification has the minimum requirements to the amount of ore to process, which are different for different types of ore. you may have to visit the asteroid belt sspace gameral times, until you have the minimum amount of ore to be reprocessed.
when you have enough ore, you can begin to clean it. this can be done in two ways - through the reprocessing service at the station - the button in the control group in the station interface, or by selecting reprocess in the context menu — right clicking on the ore in the station container.
after purification (processing) of the ore, you can sell the obtained minerals. before selling it is better to see the current market supply and demand, but you can also use the «quick sell» option.
and lastly - until you have highly trained ore processing skills, selling crude ore can be space gamen more profitable.



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