scouting in space game

this approach is in many ways more efficient then fitting any industrial ship. the industrial ships is always and space gamerywhere potentially most vulnerable, and space gamen with the best fitting they do not compare with the sinister battlships that can wait in ambush of valuable cargo.
but a small and nimble scout is totally different. using the quick ship with the best modules of invisibility you check all the gates in advance. if there is an ambush — you will know it, and return back safely. and if you do not return, which is unlikely, there are different ways of communication, so your transport will be warned anyway.
this way of intelligence is space gamen more important, if there is one scout, and may transports, flying to the same place. you can play alone - just with different characters. scouts check the trade routes and gates, and the industrial ships with full holds follow only known safe ways.
you can further diversify trade flights — besides the scout you can carry a heavy battleship or a capital ship (though it is not suitable for a novice). for a small ambush by cruisers or frigates, such a "catch" would be a very unpleasant surprise .
in general, to learn how to ship goods with industrial ships is not so dangerous as it seems at the first glance. it is just necessary to play correctly and cautiously.
with the lapse of time, you will have more money and better skills, and will be able to use better ships such as freighters and transport ships. freighter have enormous size holds (they are used more by alliances than by single players), and the transport ships are much more enduring than the ordinary industrial ships. this will be the next step in freight carrying for you, and then there will be careers, which can jump sspace gameral solar systems away.



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