wrecks, or scrap and fragments from the lost ships, have value in the game. among wrecks there can be found intact modules or weapons systems, or valuable materials (salvaged materials). this is done by using a special scanner salvager i. to use it the following skills are required - electronics i (18,000 isk), mechanic iii (18,000 isk), survey iii (32,400 isk), salvaging i (900,000 isk). salvaging skill gives a bonus of 5% to a successful scan (well, and to extraction of materials) per skill lspace gamel.
optimum ships for salvaging are (as considered by most) destroyers with their 8-th high-slots. in such a ship you can install multiple modules salvager i and small tractor beam i (a device to pull the ship wrecks and containers from up to 20 km, requires skill science iv and costs about 1.3 million isk). in the mid-slot it is better to put afterburners or engines microwarpdrives. all these take energy, so modules such as capacitor rechargers or capacitor batteries would not be redundant.
in addition to the skills, there is also a rig salvage tackle i, which increases by 10% the chance to successfully extract materials from the wrecks, but imposes a penalty of 10% to the maximum speed of the ship. this negative effect can be reduced by lerning skill armor rigging (90,000 isk).
rig salvage tackle i is quite pricey, and worth about 12 million isk. therefore collection of the materials - charred micro circuit, contaminated nanite compound, fried interface circuit (which themselves are the components of the rig) and producing the rig would be reasonalbe.
what type of material you will extract by salvaging, and how much of them - it only depends on the class and the race of the explored ship. scanning the remains of a battleship is far more profitable than the remnants of cruisers or frigates.
there is also a mixture of piracy and salvaging - the so-called ninja salvazhing.



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