Roles in the fleet

roles in space game are to some extend an equivalent of the classes in world of warcraft. a tank takes on the powerful blows of bosses, short range fighters stay near to the boss and attack him, long range one -  attack from afar, and the healers heal space gameryone. the main thing is that space gamerybody likes what he is doing.
there are much more roles in space game online. these are commanders, capital ships giving out bonuses, scout ships, heavy combat ships, support ships to protect them, vanguard ships, covert ships, electronic warfare ships, tacklers, and simple small ships for crowd.
there are very many things to do in space game and all interesting in their own way. each role is specific and its best performance requires special skills and an appropriate ship. and if ships are specialized on certain roles and skills, which can only be achispace gamed in the fleet and which has people to do all the roles, this is very serious power. all the specialized ships are an united force that can withstand space gamen more powerful enemies, if their fleet does not have a clear division of roles and specializations.
space gamery ship in the fleet should try to play its role till the end. space gamen when your ship was brought out of combat by tacklers, or was blocked off by the enemy's electronic warfare ships, it still gives benefits to your fleet, albeit passive - because the enemy spends some forces on your ship anyway.
the combat in a fleet is generally easy for each participant — space gameryone just needs to play his role. defeat in the battle is when the ship is not able to fulfill its role at all, but space gamen then one should try to damage the enemy.
the initial distribution of roles occurs before the departure of the fleet. players choose roles for themselves, and the commander has the overall command. it is the commander who bears responsibility for the combat operations of the fleet, and this role is one of the most important, but not necessarily the most interesting.



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