Radio-electronic warfare

First of all, REW ships are engaged in the destruction of the electronic warfare ships of the enemy:) In fact, their modules provide an opportunity to incapacitate any vehicle, but practice shows that if the REW ships are taking care of enemy battleships, the enemy REW ships will easily wreck them in the meanwhile. So electronic warfare is primarily a battle of equals. As it is necessary to neutralize the ships of the same type in the oppnent fleet, because they represent a great threat.
REW ships should be very fast, because they need to deal with the enemy electronic warfare ships before they distroy them, and also to be ready for a volley from the other ships of the enemy. Because of being dangerous to the heavy fleet, REW vehicles often become the main target from the very beginning of the battle. So the pilots of such ships always have to be able to pilot their vehicles with extraordinary agility, as well as to act in good co-ordinatation with the group. Such ships must act as a whole, and avoid unnecessary double or triple attacks upon a rival ship. This is often a problem for beginners, and is resolved with experience.
Race plays a big role in the power of electronic warfare ships. So, the most powerful among them are the Gallente Warp Disruptor and Sensor Dampener and Caldarian Sensor Jammer. Ships Amarr Energy Neutralizer and Tracking Disruptor are considered average, and the weakest electronic warfare ships are Minmatar Target Painter and Stasis Webifier. Minmatar EW generally cannot completely exclude a ship from the battle, which makes them not so dangerous - but also not so a desirable goal in the battle of large fleets.



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