Racial characteristics of ships. Part 2

caldari have the best average damage dealt. but their shields and armor have very low total resistance, so tanking simply requires fits. especially bad is kinetic damage for their ships. caldari mainly use shield tanking, since they have a lot of mid-slots. also, caldari ships generally have slightly less low-slots than ships of other races - so sooner or later a caldari pilot has to choose between fitting damage modules or speed modules. the caldari can use hybrid guns, and also have the most long-ranged guns of all the races. also they use missiles, which does not need energy for shooting, thus space gamen a vehicle under the effect of jammers can shoot missiles.
the gallenteans have the highest dps in short-range fights (due to the use of blasters), but their ships are totally not designed for missiles (most of their ships do not space gamen have slots for rockets). instead, their ships have the best bonuses for drones. they usually tank with armor, also need energy for shooting, although less than the amarrians. this reduces their maneuverability and speed. also the gallenteans use an verious interesting electronics - dumpeners which reduce the speed or range of targeting of the enemy.
the main thing for the choice of vehicles is not their appearance, and not space gamen the initial parameters, but only the best match for your combat tactics. so in any case you should first try out different tactics to find the one that suits you best, get used to it, and then in the same way try different racial ships with pumping the necessary skills. for a beginner it is very difficult, almost impossible, to just "guess" the best tactics for himself/herself, as well as the race and the ship.
the general advice is - choose any race and bloodline, train the skills for the racial frigate, and then practice, practice and practice.



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