Racial characteristics of ships. Part 1

the basic principle for selecting the ship should be its effectiveness for your tactics of warfare. that is, first you should choose a tactics for yourself, and then based on the tactics you should choose the race of your character and pick up vehicles. you may need a long time to play with a character in space game, to then create another character and do things more efficiently and in a balanced manner.
thus, here are the combat characteristics of ships by race:
the amarrians are best known for damage they produce upon shields (em damage), for the best optimal in the short-range combats, good armor tanking. howspace gamer, there is a downside to armor tanking - the use of plates. the armor increases, but there decrease the speed and maneuverability of the ship. the main guns are turret guns, the amarr also have rockets for t2 ships (mainly short-range missiles), but they are not widely used.
turret lasers can be charged with endless lenses — thus there is no issue with the timely supply of munitions. also, lenses in lasers are substituted with some other type immediately (not in 10 seconds, as at other races). shooting uses the energy of the ship, so shooting is not possible in its absence. hence the obvious requirement to other modules on amarrian ships is that they use a minimum of energy.
minmatars have the fastest ships. also on their ships there is almost an equal number of middle and lower slots, which gives some flexibility when choosing tanking type. howspace gamer, armor and shields tanking is better at other races. minmatar ships have very small dps (the amount of damage per second), but the highest alpha-strike (damage done by a single shot). their tempest is the best dps-ship. the primary weapon of minmatars is missiles. they have a lot of different bonuses to the use of missiles. in addition to missiles they use machine guns and artillery - all this does not require energy when firing, but requires ammunition.



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