Production of synthetic drugs

the first step to creating a synthetic drug that give various bonuses to pilots, is to obtain raw materials for their production. by raw materials are meant reagents and gas. in low-sec there are some "drugs" constellation, where you can get both the necessary reagents and skills to produce drugs. these are the constellations:
- aridia: fabai
- derelik: joas
- the forge: mivora
- solitude: elerelle
- heimatar: hed
- molden heath: tartaven
- placid: amevync
- lonetrek: umamon
there you should look for arch / sal site – this is where you can extract the necessary reactions and skill for synthetic drugs. then you need to search for mycoserocin cloud – you will obtain the mycoserocin gas. this gas is necessary for the production and is used in the proportion of 40 parts of gas to 1 of reagent.
after obtaining the necessary quantities of raw materials, you'll need to install the production line. to do this, create a pos, set the required for the production medium biochemical reactor and drug lab on it.
production itself is done by the following algorithm: the reactor is loaded with 1 portion of reagent, 40 portions of mycoserocin gas, 1920 of garbage. from all this it turns out 30 pieces of pure booster.
into the drug lab there are loaded 30 pieces of pure booster and 2 pieces of megacyte. space gamerything is ready for producing any of the existing types of drugs. you can get the blueprint for a specific drug (without a bp production of any thing is impossible) from the pirate factions in the lp shop, for relatively small money. the laboratory will produce 2 cans of the drug as the result of 1 production cycle. you can use the drugs for your own purposes or sell, just remember that transportation of drugs, and especially trafficking, is strictly prohibited in the high-sec, and  is immediately punishable by concord, including losing standings and constant persecution by the police.



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