production in space game online

to earn throught production will be quite difficult for new players - as this requires some initial amount of money, and also some skills. so this method is intended primarily for experienced players, howspace gamer it is quite profitable, and is absolutely safe, as it is not much dependant on piloting ships through space (not taking into consideration the fact that it is more profitable to mine then to buy those various components needed for producing something else).
in order to produce some items, there will be needed a production line (located at the station or pos), a drawing for the item (there are two types of drawings - the more expensive bpo (blue print originals), allowing you to create an unlimited number of items, and a copy (bpc – blue print copy) which is cheaper, but allows to produce a certain limited number of items, and then disappears, and materials for production (it is indicated in the drawing which exactly materials needed) - you can buy them or try to find in space by yourself.
production efficiency depends on many skills which allow to achispace game a lower lspace gamel of waste during production, and to control the production line remotely to create items faster. also, hand in hand with the production goes exploration - permitting to copy by yourself the drawings and invents (exploring the drawing with the purpose of obtaining drawings of the higher t2 lspace gamel). t2 ships are much more powerful and functional than their t1 counterparts, so selling t2 items and t2 bpcs is more probitable, especially as the demand for such products does not fall space gamer.
beginners can participate in production mainly indirectly - by getting minerals, ores, gas and other resources in space, and selling them to players involved in production. due to production as well as to a market economy, the world of space game is so similar to the real one. you can create and buy almost space gamerything in this game.



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