Probe scanning guide

to be able to scan you, of course, need to have a ship (the best ship for scanning is a covert op), and probes. in the system which you want to scan, toggle on the scanner (ctrl + f11) and then switch to map view by pressing the f10 button on your keyboard or there is also a map button in the scanner window. the button «toggle map» in the control panel switches maps the solar system and the entire galaxy.
then click on the launcher — and run the probes.
probes are managed with the mouse. clicking on the name of a probe centers the map, right click calls the menu (where you can right click to change the radius of the scan probes, or by holding shift change the radius of sspace gameral probes at once), moving the mouse holding the left mouse button rotates the camera, and holding the right button — moves the camera. the scroll zoom in / out the camera.
in the scanner window there are 4 buttons for control: «analyze» starts scanning with the launched probes, «destroy active probes» - kills the launched probes, «recover active probes» - returns them to the hold (the most important button:), «reconnect to lost probes» - allows you to regain control over a group of probes, space gamen after a trip to another system or disconnect. probes if launched live a little over an hour. the scan window also has a «show result filter», allowing you to create filters for different types of signals. when scanning ships, this button is very very useful.
when analyzing the probe will show all the signals. that is, if you do not see anything — it's 100% that there is nothihg in the scanned radius. but if something will show up - the object is not in your hands, yet, you have to locate it precisely, because the range of probes is too large. to better locate the yarget you should run the same probes with a smaller radius. by reducing the radius and adjusting the scan area (by moving the probes) and re-analyzing the signals, you need to gradually achispace game a 100% signal. this will give you the opportunity to warp to the object.



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