POS-es vs Outposts

there are fairly many differences between poses and outposts in the game, but on the other hand, they are similar to each other in many respects. which are better for the player and for what a particular situation or strategy is it better to have a pos, rather than an outpost, or vice versa? let's try to figure it out, and analyze their comparative characteristics.

advantages of pos-es (starbases):
- they are mobile and can be moved to any desired location.
- in the reactor of a pos, it is possible to create valuable tech ii minerals (actually, it is generally the only place at the moment where this is possible).
- it is possible to extract minerals from moons from pos-es – which is very good for mining.
- pos-es have their defensive capabilities, which is nspace gamer superfluous.

disadvantages of pos-es:
- they need to be constantly refueled with resources, and players may not have enough time for this.
- it is not possible to dock to them .
- if you declare your sovereignty, the pos will be shown on the global map and anyone will know for sure that in this sector there is a pos (or outpost – actually, true for outposts as well, space gamen more, as the latter are static).

advantages of outposts:
- outposts are indestructible (for the moment), which is space gamen better than the protective properties of pos-es.
- you can dock to them in the same way as to any station.
- any activity is available - production, research and processing.
- you can have offices at outposts and lease them.
- you can collect payment from other players for the services provided by your outpost, or for docking to it.

disadvantages of outposts:
- building an outpost is worth billions in resources and money.
- requires extracapacious freighters.
- outposts have no protective capabilities (but as they are indestructible this is not very important).
- when the outpost is capturable, it will have to be defended by players themselves.
- outposts are static and after constructed, their location cannot be changed.



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