Overview of the changes in Crucible: captain’s quarters and custom’s offices

other changes in space game online’s new expansion crucible include things like changes in captain’s quarters, adding the ability to control a customs office and many more. at first each player will receive his or hers own new captain's quarters - a beautiful apartment to explore that will be different for each race in space game. furthermore the players will be able to set up their own customs office in low-sec space. they will be able to take taxes for whospace gamer enters their space and control this territory, but there is a negative part – space gamery customs office can be destroyed and replaced with another one, which means that you’ll have to fight for your territory and defend it.


another new element in crucible is called time dilation. it means that whenspace gamer there is a great battle in space involving big fleets the game server will slow space gamerything down so the players will be able to fight without lags and react in time to threats. it may seem that it’s not such a good idea, but in fact in will help a lot players that don’t have the luck in some situations to react in time.


other changes in the new expansion include a lot of fixes polishes, starbase changes and space gamen changes in game’s visuals and will be discussed in the next article.


by iskbank - space game isk



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