space game-online provides fairly broad opportunities for the dspace gamelopment of the profession of a thief through the skill named salvaging.
here is the shortest way to the top of this craft, if playing for the caldari:
1. pass the entire tutorial, and then fly to jouvulen – station jouvulen iii. find agent ochishi veilai at that station, and start his quest balancing the books. when this quest is carried out, you will get be the book for learn salvaging and a heron – a salvaging frigate.
2. create a caldari achura character, and put the following attributes: perception +3, intellegence +2. choose the monks bloodline (+2 will, +2 perception).
3. now learn the skills astrometrics of lspace gamel 1-3, survey of lvl. 3  and salvaging of any lspace gamel. you will need a start-up capital of around 1-3 mln. isk.
4. now you have to get into a system, where there is a lot of players running lspace gamel 4 agent missions (aramachi, motsu, saila).
5. buy a heron frigate, install expanded probe launcher i, salvager i, combat scanner probe i on it.
6. fly to the center of the system and scan, setting the filter by types of ships (battleship, command ship, etc.). it is necessary to see green dots – that means the ship is running a mission or collecting the loot. warp to it.
7. the wrecks are salvaged (yellow triangles) - this is a legitimate action. your salvaging can be improved by salvage tackle i, and the accuracy of scanning by gravity capacitor upgrade i.
8. this way you can steal valuable loot, such as guns. if you are attacked - move back, but this is unlikely to be frequent. learn and dspace gamelop scanning and salvaging skills.
by earning this way you can space gamen pay your trial account with isk and turn it to a full one, and to spend all the time on studying learning skills. this will take about a month, and then you can move to learning ship and pvp skills. thus, you will be able to get into a big pvp alliance 2-3 months earlier.



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