My opinion on DUST 514

in the new game from ccp we the players will be able to see the world of new eden from a different perspective. the game is called dust 514 and it’s a first-person shooter in which you’ll be able to team up with your friends and fight the enemies for the control over the planets in the world of space game. and one important thing - it’s free-to-play. 
while free-to-play distribution model is definitely a good thing there’s one negative part through - the game is made exclusively for playstation 3. so if you won’t have a ps 3 at the moment the game will be released you won’t be able to play the game. despite that there’s a lot of things to be excited of. for example the game will be closely tied to the mmo. you will be able to join corporations, fight on the planets of space game and space gamen call support from vessels and the capsuleers will be able to perform orbital bombardments and aid the ones who fight on the land. besides that corps will be able to construct the building on the planets and change it’s looks. 
what i like is the fact that you will be able to dspace gamelop the character like in space game. you’ll have a big number of skills to choose and if you want to train them all - you’ll have to spend sspace gamen whole years. that’s right, 7 years to train all the skills in the game so think twice before you spend time on skills that you won’t need. 
also i’m quite interested in the fact that each team will have a commander who will be able to control the battle from a birds-eye view and be able to move a command center that will be armed with turrets and will help you gain those valuable resources that you’ll be battling for. if you want to win - you’ll have to destroy this moving fortress. besides that there will be other controllable vehicles in the game and the player will be able to fit them like in space game.
overall the idea is great. it’s free-to-play, it’s integrated into space game online and has taken some of the best ideas that ccp used when creating space game online. 
by iskbank - space game isk



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