Microwarping tactics

it's practically the very first tactical maneuver studied by each beginner pilot. the microwarp-drive is used to jump back to the stargate. if you make a jump to another star system, it happens that you suddenly discover that on the other side of the gate you are awaited by enemies. since on exiting the gate you are thrown 10 miles away from it, for the jump you need to be at 2.5 kilometers away from the gate, you might think that was the end of space gamerything and there is no way to escape.
but if you have installed a microwarp drive on your ship, then you can use it to speed up and try to get closer to the gates. if you reach the distance necessary for jumping through the gate before your enemies, then you will be able to escape. but remember that you will not be able to activate combat units, including «smart bombs» or tools for electronic warfare (ecm), because any hostile actions make it impossible to jump through for 60 seconds. therefore - if the enemy ships would open fire on you, then they cannot go after you - and you will safely be hidden on the other side of the gate.
a clspace gamer ambush usually immediately turns off your microwarp-drive, using a warp scrambler for this, and yes, they will space gamen lower your speed by using a stasis web. but this tactic is still viable, because a microwarp-drive can manage to give enough speed to your ship, and therefore you can manage to enter the jumpnig zone and jump out space gamen by inertia. but also, do not forget the 30-second session change time, during which it is impossible to repeat the jump. therefore, after falling into an ambush you shpuld better wait 10-20 seconds before trying to get closer to the gate - it's easy, because you will be automatically invisible within 30 seconds after the jump, and you can act thoughtfully and quietly at this time, not fearing the enemies.



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