Logistics ships

using the healing modules on regular ships for remote treatment is limited due to the fact that the capacitor itself is limited. but their elder brothers, t2 healing ships, do not have this disadvantage and have much greater opportunities. and they also have much better healing bonuses.
for instance, amarrian oneiros and gallente guardian both have a bonus of 750% to the distance of remote healing of armor, and a bonus of 100% to the treatment, carried out by their repair drones. in addition, both these ships have a bonus of -15% to capacitor usage by remote repair modules per lspace gamel of the logistics skill. the caldari ship -  basilisk and minmatar scimitar have similar bonuses, but are focused on shield recharge - 750% to the range and -15% to the usage of the capacitor by shield transfers per lspace gamel of logistics.
but the most important in the healing t2 ships is their default "role" bonuses. these bonuses make them simply irreplaceable in the fleet, where they can heal other ships. thus, the ships oneiros and guardian have bonus on reducing the use of powergrid, and the ships basilisk and scimitar have a bonus to reduced consumption of the cpu. this allows to maximally fit t2 healers with treating modules. applying their initial bonuses to the range of treatment, these ships can treat selected targets at a distance of 71 km - in fact remaining far beyond the battlefield, and without danger from the enemy ships. most of the enemy ships would have a smaller range of their guns.
the ships basilisk and guardian also have additional bonuses for remote energy transmission modules. they can be used to "recharge" the allied ships in the battle, especially the ones with discharged shields.



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