Legitimate Piracy

many players are not interested in the economic and social components of the game. they come in space game is not to dig ore, produce and sell expensive modules, build their industrial empires, or to succeed in alliance wars. no, they crave for maximum fun and action in the game as soon as possible. for far space, complete freedom and impunity, the romance of the highway.
generally, such players should go straight to piracy - and there are a lot of pirates in space game.
but to being a pirate is not so easy. since you will hunted by concord, will not be able go to the empire, and many can fiercely fight back. for a beginner the way of a pirate is dangerous, and it is hard to pirate on a weak ship.
but the game has space gamerything, and there is a totally legitimate form of piracy. it is hunting for npc ships, computer controlled ships. they can be found in special places - asteroid belts (which are shown in the form of inverted triangles in overview).
the hunt for such ships is not fraught with danger. they are not owned by npc factions, no one except for other similar groups of ships (not very difficult to destroy) will want to rspace gamenge for them. so a yesterday's newcomer on a frigate can space gamen hunt.
the benefits of such activity is in gathering loot; and it is also important that the destroyed group of npc ships appears again — respawns —  after a small period of time! this is a steady income. the most important thing to do is to find one's own belt, which has not yet been picked by other players. although it is possible that one belt is "handled" by sspace gameral of such legal pirates.
more rspace gamenue comes from beating the more powerful ships, ideally battleships. the latter are not always in a group, and so that they appear, it is necessary to bring down the entire squad of npc. a new one will be a little harder to beat, the next one space gamen harder, and so on. the main thing is to choose the most powerful group of npcs, and not have them all down.



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