Learning Skills

the group of learning skills contains 11 skills, 10 of them increase specific attributes (they can be divided into 5 simple and 5 advanced skills), and the skill learning influences upon all the attributes. all of the 5 simple skills have memory as the primary attribute and intelligence as secondary one. the primary attribute for the advanced skills the one they modify.
all 5 simple skills have rank 1, have the attributes memory / intelligence (affecting the speed of learning) and can be bought at "practice" stations from npc sellers (market - skills & accessories - skills - learning) for an amount of approximately 45 000 isk (learning of any skill can be paused and resumed later).
the skill instant recall increases memory by 1 unit for space gamery skill lspace gamel, analytical mind  increases intelligence, spatial awareness is responsible for perception, iron will increases willpower, and empathy increases charisma.
it is easy to understand that the skills that increase memory and intelligence (primary attributes) should be learnt first, then learning of the rest skills will go faster.
advanced skills have rank 3, and cost about 4.5 million isk. they require some basic skills already learnt to certain lspace gamel before they be studied. eidetic memory has the attributes memory / intelligence, requires the skill instant recall iv and increases +1 memory per lspace gamel; logic has intelligence / memory, equires analytical mind iv, increases intelligence; clarity has perception / willpower, requires spatial awareness iv, increases perception; focus has willpower / charisma, requires iron will iv, increases willpower; presence has  charisma / perception, requires empathy iv, increases charisma.
the skill learning has also rank 1, has memory / intelligence, costs about 31500 isk, and increases to 2% all the attributes per lspace gamel.



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