launchers in space game online

launchers are classified into 6 different classes, 2 classes for each basic type of ships (frigates, cruisers, battleships). each launcher can be loaded with 2 types of missiles - one intended to cause damage, and the other to intercept and destroy enemy missiles. there are also some types of launchers with missiles firing at random, without locking targets. rockets cause the same damage, they fly farther than turrets can reach, but also are more expensive than the ammunition for turrets. on the other hand, rockets fly slowly, and some just cannot target fast moving objects. for example, a cruise missile flies slower then an interceptor, it just falls behind and does not cause any damage.
for frigates there are the following frigate launchers:
- missile rocket launchers, firing fast, but weak missiles with a limited fire range.
- standard launchers - they fire light weak rockets, which have very high speed and medium range.
cruiser launchers:
- assault launchers – have weak light missiles, but the their fire rate is space gamen higher then one of standard launchers.
- heavy launchers - fire heavy missiles, causing average damage, flying at an average speed and having long range.
launchers of linear battleships (battleship launchers):
- cruise launchers – fire cruise missiles capable to cause high damage, flying very long distances, but extremely slow.
- siege launchers fire cruise missiles at a higher rate then cruise launchers. can also shoot the slowest, but most effective torpedoes.



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