jammers are sold in the market under section electronic counter measures. they are installed in the medium slots, require 1 unit of powergrid and from 32 to 55 + units of cpu. a jammer can be activated once in 20 seconds, and requires 38 to 79 + units of cpu. it is possible to overheat the jammer.
the caldari have special ships with bonuses to jammers.
there are five types of jammers: 4 racial and 1 common. all of them have jamming force for each type of sensors (one for each race; racial jammers have more power for the race sensors). the chance of the jamming effect depends on the strength of the jammer and the force of the sensors.
jammers with well-pumped skills installed on ships with bonuses and having amplifiers on board, have the force of 10-14 (if racial), and overheating of +20%. such setup is sufficient to keep most of the encountered ships in a deep jam. ships from the force of sensors higher than 20 (battleships, recons) will be jammed by the above described jammer with a probability of 50 to 50.
if you have sspace gameral jammers, try to distribute their action wisely and avoid simultaneous jamming one target.
there is also a bit different type of jamming - ecm bursts. this module only drops the lock, and the enemy may lock again immediately after the burst. all bonuses from jamming skills and modules (and the ship, if there is one with jamming bonuses) apply to burst as well.
the basic strength of the burst is 2 times stronger than the one a jammer, and it requires much capacitor (192-288) for a single activation for 30 seconds.
to protect against jammer there are special modules - sensor backup arrays and eccm.
the active (consuming the capacitor) eccm are placed in a medium slot and give a bonus of 80-96% to the force of sensors. the passive (do not consume the capacitor) sensor backup arrays are placed in the low slots, give a bonus of 40% -48% to the force of sensors, and require approximately 11-18 cpu tf.
the sensors of ships are divided into racial and universal. by the force they are equal, the only difference is their price. it is better to use the module, which corresponds to the race of the ship.



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