the attribute intelligence is important for science, navigation, and the maximum improvement of spacecrafts. it allows to use different devices most effectively. intelligence is the primary attribute for many skill from such groups as electronics, engineering, mechanic, navigation, science.
electronics skills are quite varied. they add power to the cpu of ships, allow using modules of concealing a ship (cloacking), and are important for electronic warfare. howspace gamer the skills of the engineering group are space gamen more important. there are 19 skills, responsible for the powersystem of ships, use of energy weapons, powergrid increase, use of shields, shield increasing modules, resistance increase.
the skills from the mechanic group are not less important for the ship structure. they increase the hp of the ship structure, are responsible for the use of rigs, construction of outposts, creation of t2 ships, use of the modules for remote repair and for many more things in space game online. if you like to contantly upgrade units, you should learn skills from this group.
the 11 navigation skills are responsible for more efficient use of the warp-engine, fuel economy, maneuverability, speed. they are necessary for any fighter, because speed is as decisive as the number of hp or damage in the world space game online.
skills of the science group improve all the aspects in scientific activities. they are also important for research and production. they include more than 50 skills, covering the entire game - from the carrying out agent missions and the use of implants to the production of race vehicles and the possibility of using the artifacts of non-human races.
to learn all the skills of this group is almost impossible, so it is necessary to focus only on what suits your game strategy.



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