incursus is a ship, which often leads many military operations of the gallente. its high speed and high fire-power make it a perfect ship for the offensive. incursus class ships are often built in links, and work as a strong protection to groups of large ships. these vehicles are often used by pirates, as they are very well suited for operations of rapid and crushing attacks and retreat. the bonuses from the use of such ships are the following: 5% damage from the small hybrid turret per gallente frigate skill lspace gamel, and 10% to the "fallof" of the same small hybrid turret per gallente frigate skill lspace gamel.
ship incursus has 368 hp (low hit points are the weak point of this ship, so these ships are ineffective if they are the only used type of ships in the fleet), a hold of 165m3, a hangar for the drones of 5 m3, the total mass of 1100 tons, and volume of 29,500 m3 (if assembled - 2500 m3). the incursus armor also has 368 hp and resists of 50-10-35-35. the shield is slightly weaker - 313 hp and resists 0-50-40-20.
the capacitor has a capacity of 325 units, while its recharge time is 234.38 seconds.
the guidance system allows the ship to lock targets at a distance of 37 miles. the number of simultaneous targets is 3. the system has a resolution of 620 mm, has magnetromechanical sensor with 9 units and the signature of 44 meters.
to pilot an incursus the primary skills gallente frigate iii and spaceship command i are required. fitting parameters are the following - 3-3-2 slots, 3 brackets for turrets, 3 modification slots. no launcher fasterners.
there are two variations of the incursus - ships enyo and ishkur. they are distinguished by a larger number of hp, stronger armor and shield. ishkur also has enhanced abilities on locking targets and on range of fire.



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