Hunting for NPCs in asteroid belts

in the overreview there can sometimes be found so-called asteroid belts – the rspace gamersed triangles, with the base up (showign them may be disabled in the overview – in such case just click the right mouse button on space and they will be seen in the list). asteroid belts are space gamen more valuable not becuase of the possibility of ore extraction in them, but due the possibility of so-called hunting - hunting for and destroying npc ships. this way you can earn fairly much isk – it's just important to do space gamerything right. such income is stable, it only depends on you. and although the npc ships respawn in asteroid belts randomly, there is no place for chance in hunting - only rigorous calculations and tactics, oriented to achieving maximum profit.
in general, space gamerything works the following way – in belts (not in all at once in the system, only in a few, it's necessary to fly up and check), in different time intervals there appears (respawns) an npc fleet, which may consist of ships of all sizes - frigates, cruisers, battlecruisers and space gamen battleships. these fleets (or respawns) do not stay in one place, but move during some time (downtime). the biggest interest for the player are those respawns, which have battleships (so-called strong respawns). all other respawns are conventionally called “weak”.
the quantity and quality of npc ships in belts depends on the security status fo the system - the higher it is, the more "fat" fleets can be “caught” in the system. it is recommended to choose a system with ss not more than 0.8 (in them concord does not intervene), but not with a too low status – to have valuable fleets to hunt for.
the hunting itself has 2 radically different types - farming (destroying the more powerful vehicles for the sake of a reward for them in the form of isk), and hunting for an “officer” (which means systematic destruction of all the respawns until they qualitatively change, and there appear very rare respawns with unique officer-ships).



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