How to train for a Tackler 1 in 1 day

to be a tackler pilot is a very interesting occupation. tacling brings drive and the feeling of battle, and does not require many months of skill trainig to be able to do this role. space gamerything is done much faster - in fact, most of the very useful skills needed for other ships are not required for a tackler. the task of such a ship is to catch up with the target and hold it until it is destroyed by the other ships of the fleet. not an easy task, because a tackler is a weak ship, but very exciting.
the optimal pumping within one (!) day requires the following (well, yes, you need some money, but not too much; besides, a tackler is not alone - it is a member of a corporation / alliance, which will most probably welcome and sponsor a new player for the role): first, remap the character's attributes and distribute maximum point to intelligence; and the rest of the point to memory. for all the major skills of a tackler perception and willpower are not needed. from the skills, the skill for the racial frigate should be trained to the third lspace gamel. this is the basis, that will allow you to control a rifter, the most popular vehicle for tackling.
then train the following skills – from the electronics group: electronics 3, long range targeting 1, propulsion jamming 2, signature analysis 1, targeting 1. from the engineering group: energy management 1, energy system operation, engineering 3, shield management 1, shield operation 2. the gunnery group generally is not important! the skill gunnery 2 will be enough, small projectile turret 3. the same with industry - mining 2 is sufficient. under mechanic skills: hull upgrades 2, mechanic 3. from navigation: acceleration control, afterburner 3, evasive management 1, high speed maneuvering 1, navigation 3. in science - cybernetics 1, and science 3. and in the group spaceship command, train up to the third lspace gamel the skill for your racial frigate and spaceship command. a total of 24 skill. one day. about 100k of skill points - and the pilot is ready to ride a rifter!

now it only remains to fit it.



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