How to fit the ship

you should choose the fit for the ship just as the ship itself. relying solely on your specific tactics. for example, if you prefer to be on a distant orbit from the target and shoot it from afar, it is obvious that you need first of all long-range weapons, and secondly modules, increasing the accuracy of hitting, as well as speed and maneuverability. shiled tanking is better, though generally for such tactics tanking is of secondary importance. any armor will also be completely unnecessary - setting armor plates in the low slots will descrease the speed and maneuverability, which will enable the target to easily go away from you, or, on the contrary, to approach and shoot you with shrot range weapons.
if you prefer the tactics of close combat - approaching, “taking under the net”, and shooting from a short distance, installing long-range artillery (railguns, beam-lasers) would be bad a choice. for short distances weapons with a high frequency of fire - blasters, guns, pulse lasers are needed. and with this tactics tanking is also important - better tank with shields as that will not give a penalty on speed.
in any case, do not put extra modules according to the principle of "let it be". only install the modules that will definitely improve your combat tactics. such applications as quickfit and eft will help you a lot in finding the right type of modules.
also, do not put guns of different types and of different range of fire on the ship simultaneously. such a setup does not allow you to shoot equally well at different distances, but on the contrary.
damage should always focus on one locked target, because the latter is usually always tanked, and it can be partially healed and repaired on the fly by drones. howspace gamer, there is the concept of the limit of tankable damage (taking into consideration modules for shields regeneration, etc.) per second. so the sooner you exceed this limit and begin to cause damage, the faster the target is destroyed.



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