Happy Holidays!

Dear customers,

We are glad to inform you that in the period from December 25 - January 14 we will be adding extra ISK to your purchases!
The amount of bonus ISK depends on the amount of ISK ordered (or on the cost in ISK equivalent of other purchased items, e.g. ships). Thus, buying:

1 bil. ISK - you get + 50 mln.
2 bil. ISK - you get + 100 mln.
3 bil. ISK - you get + 200 mln.
4 bil. ISK - you get + 300 mln. 

We hope you'll enjoy shopping with us.

Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays!



  • 07.06.2017

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  • 23.10.2016

    amazingly easy. I love you guys!!!!

  • 07.09.2016

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  • 22.08.2016

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  • 16.04.2016

    Always on point and never had any issues. Will highly recommend!

  • 02.04.2016

    Really great service. Prices are unbeatable. Awesome!

  • 25.02.2016

    Bought 10 injectors. Collected them in Yita. After undocking I was immediately shot and my cargo was gone. A warning from Iskbank would be at its p...

  • 06.01.2016

    Thinikng like that shows an expert at work