First steps

in the very beginning a player gets a character of one of the 4 races and of some ethic group (bloodline). there is no much difference among races in the beginning – it is only in the primary skills of the frigate and gun.
so, the first thing to do is to learn the frigate until lspace gamel 3. then listen to aura and head to the first agent and take his/her missions. the same with the other 2 agents available to a beginner.
when the frigate skills are learned until lspace gamel 3, buy the skill “destroyer” on the market and dspace gamelop it till lspace gamel 1.
then the optimal range of primary skills is different for each race. the skills for the amarrians to learn are energy systems operation, hull upgrades, repair systems, weapon upgrades. the gallente should learn the same skills as the amarrians, plus the skill propulsion jamming. the caldari should learn energy systems operation, shield operation, shield upgrades, weapon upgrades. and the minmatars need the skills - energy systems operation, shield operation, tactical shield manipulation, weapon upgrades. the ship should be fit at the maximum, and it is possible to sell the initial ship. a destroyer would be the best for a new player for dspace gamelopment and learning.
the next step for character dspace gamelopment is learning one of the 2  neural remappings. it is necessary to raise the memory parameter to the maximum, and what remains – to use for intelligence. other parameters can be dropped to 5.
then it is necessary to dspace gamelop the skill cybernetics, and after it the following skills - instant recall up to lspace gamel 4, analitical mind up to lspace gamel 4, learning to lspace gamel 1, eidetic memory to lspace gamel 3 (if there is money for the skill book).



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