espionage in space game online

espionage, corruption and intrigue possible in the game are an unique feature that makes the game world made by ccp more real. this is reflected in the recent incident in the game that has seriously altered the whole balance of forces on the world map. it is about how one of the strongest alliances in space game, band of brothers was completely destroyed from the inside by a single individual, a spy who was able to gain access to classified information and different access codes inside the alliance. this incident roused up the whole gaming community, and space gamen drew the attention of various media, space gamen cnn.
the space game dspace gamelopers encourage "dishonest" in-game actions of this kind, but at the same time repress all such out of the game (such as hacking accounts).
so in 2007, a dspace gameloper with the nickname «t20» attempted to sell valuable drawings, the property of the same «band of brothers», giving the opportunity to create powerful ships of the tech 2 lspace gamel. the one who would have bought these drawings, would have acquired unprecedented power in the game.
the players demanded the dismissal and ban of this dspace gameloper, but ccp just apologized to the players; but after this incident in march of 2008, there was created the council of stellar management (csm). the council is selected by the players, and represents the interests of the players in front of the dspace gamelopers.
but corruption penetrated in there as well. one of the players, a member of the csm, and
playing for the pirates, has used his powers to his advantage. being a participant in the csm delegation, he visited the offices of ccp in iceland; during the visit he found out some information about the planned changes to the game, and, basing on it, acquired in-game objects for 2.5 billion isk, which would have done him a big profit after the changes would take place. ccp responded - the person was expelled from the board, and his account was permanently blocked.
but anyway, some slips in the policy of ccp are visible. isn't it better to prohibit deceptive acts in the game at all?



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