Equipment for trade

in the early stages of the game a player is restricted in both money and skills, and therefore can use only very simple equipment. preferred would be a fast frigate, a pair of cargo expanders, an afterburner or micro warp drive. but when you have more money, you can afford much more, learn more skills, pilot a better ship, and will be able to trade more expensive goods.
most important aspects for a commercial ship are its speed and volume of the cargo hold. choose an industrial ship to fly on, learn the necessary skills and buy this ship.
a very good choice for the amarr (and not only) would be a bestower, but it is only in comparison with the very first gallente iterons. bestowers are suitable for flights on short, quick routes. and the best among industrial ships (some people fly on freighters, too)  in general is iteron mark v. it has the largest cargo hold ans is not exceeded by any other industrial ship, but to pilot it you must have lspace gamel 5 gallente industrial ships skill, and it is learned long enough, about 29 days, depending what your lerning skills are.
also ask around other pilots about their favorite ships - a novice can find out a lot of interesting things.
it often happens that an advanced trader's needs cannot be satisfied neither by an industrial ship nor a frigate. some successful traders pilot gigantic cargo freighters (though defenseless), different types of cruisers, destroers, interceptors. any type of ship has its field of use, but novice pilots have no free time to train the necessary skills or money to purchase them. but after a while the trader has enough money for space gamerything -  time remains most important. so you should be ready in advance to pilot probably completely different ships later.



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