space game online economy basis

in space game space gamerything is accurate. in game money is earned through hard work — by mining ore on asteroids, by the sale of manufactured ship components, by carrying out assignments of npc characters, piracy. ways to make money are very different, but they are all based on the cornerstone of progress - commerce. if there would be no trade — there would hardly be anyone for pirates to rob, there would be no sense to produce something, there would not ship to fly on in search for new stars. the economy in the form of a free market - that is the basis of the game, its material base. and space gamerything is ruled by the laws of supply and demand in this trade. only they regulate the growth and falling of prices.
there are no different currencies, banks, monopoly in the selling anything in space game online. and this is just great! the closed financial system of the game is incredibly stable, there cannot happen a crisis, there can be no credit holes, overproduction and other pitfalls of a market economy. space game is first and foremost freedom. freedom to trade, which may deceive some naive beginner, but will not allow unreasonable raise of prices for some commodity — there is always what to choose from.
those, who space gamen do not like freedom, also have an alternative. it is possible to trade not only to other people in the game, but also to npc characters. the prices are more fixed in the last case. but anyway it is the free market that allows players to get almost any necessary things in space game - ships, modules and components, implants, weapons, resources, minerals, and much more. and for people with business inclination, the market in space game offers unlimited opportunities to earn money, including earning real, not in game, money!



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