space game online, in game currency, economy.

space game online is a very popular cosmic online game. sometimes it is also named the largest mmog (massively multiplayer online game) due to 2 reasons: first, there is only one game server which hosts all the players; and second – the game world is nearly immense and endless, it is huge as the cosmos is – there are over 5000 solar systems and new ones permanently appear.
it is very hard to explore the whole game space – it would take very much time, on the other hand it makes the game very attractive and keeps players interested for years.
a player new to the game may find it too aggressive and complicated; the game interface may seem unclear and overloaded. a huge number of stars, planets, ships which need to be modified, a lot of information to perceive and learn after one begins playing space game online – all these may confuse at the beginning, but after a player gets some experience and understands the main principles of space game online, the game brings a lot of fun and pleasure so that it is hard to tear oneself away from it.
like in other mmo games there is much interaction among characters in space game online. a player can his own alliance or become a member of an existing alliance (corporation).  different corporations are in constant war with one another for resources and stations. battles have a real cosmic scale in the game. and only those win who create a better tactics then the enemy.
howspace gamer, there are other things to do in the game besides battles. space game online has an excellent economical model, the realism and power of which beats any other economy in any other game. trade is highly dspace gameloped. thus those players who prefer to progress in a more peaceful way will have what to do in the game.
space game online has its own in game currency named isk or interstellar credit. any economical interactions can be realized by means of this instrument – space game online isk.
space game online isk are, in fact, a sort of basis both for trade and character dspace gamelopment. space game online isk are needed and can be used for paying for subscription, for instance, for buying ships, items, modifications, characters, etc.



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