drugs in space game online

to use the drugs the following skills are necessary: science (pass for the rest), biology (basic, makes possible to generally use drugs, and prolongs the effect of them + 20 per lspace gamel), nanite control (+5% per lspace gamel to reduce the side effects), neurotoxin recovery (reduces chances of side effects +5% per lspace gamel), mnemonics (+ 20% per lspace gamel to duration of effects).
drugs are transported in the hold of the ship. they can not be transported or to bought in high-sec systems - concord will catch the ship, confiscate the drugs and impose a fine. the fine itself is small, but the standings will be lost, and if it will be too low, the road to high-sec areas will be closed - concord will hunt for you. but you can use drugs in low-sec or at the station, and, then fly to high-sec systems.
to use a drug right-click — then consume. its effect is seen in the character info, in the section argumentations. if you're not lucky, the side-effect will also be seen. but many side effects are insignificant.
there are different types of drugs - blue pill booster, exile booster, mindflood booster, x-instinct booster, drop booster, frentix booster, sooth sayer booster, crash booster. they are divided by slots for application, and by the degree of influence upon the character. there are 4 degrees of impact: synth, standard, improved, strong. each lspace gamel increases the bonus from drugs, but also increases the duration of side effects and a chance to have them.
drugs can be produced or bought in low-sec systems (akora, amamake).
the most useful drugs are the x-instinct, which gives bonuses to speed, and drop - gives bonuses to tracking and increases the number of hits. the most preferable ones for agent runners are blue pill, which allows a standard raven is to have a large focus, space gamen during scrambling. the other drugs also increase the chances for victory and allow various interesting fittings.



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