Drones - General Information.

drones have been first used by the gallente in their war against the caldari. at the beginning they actually were flying mines with various possibilities to detect purposes, but the gallente have been constantly improving them so now drones space gamen exceed some small fighter-ships in certain aspects.
there are sspace gameral types of drones – combat drones, support drones, mining drones, repair drones, electronic warfare drones.
 the “drones” skill group is responsible for drones management. there are various skills in the group. the basic drones skill is responsible for the number of controlled drones at the same time (it also increases the drone control unit module); combat drone operation increases the damage of light and medium drones; heavy drone operation allows using heavy drones and increases their damage; drone interfacing allows to increase both the damage made by combat drones, and the volume of ore mining by miner-drones (and the advanced drone interfacing also increases drone control units).
to use drones, a ship must have drone bay -  a section for storing drones. drones are most efficiently used on gallente ships, but having the right skills this can be done on the space game ships of any race.
each drone has some basic parameters - the number of structures, armor and shields, drone range – the range within which a drones operates, activation proximity – the distance at which it starts to do its job (shooting, repairing, mining, etc.). drones have no bullets or capacitor - they work while alive (if one warps without the drones, they will remain in the same place and stop their activity - they can be picked up later, by approaching a kilometer and a half to them, both the owner or any other ship can pick them up and use).



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