Different combat styles

many people play different games for the sake of fighting. not for the sake of economics or strategy, not for large-scale special effects and graphics, but for this very unique feeling of defeating the opponent and victory. and this feeling is much stronger in multiplayer games — at least anyone can massivley murder npcs since they are actually created for it. and game worlds have been divided into pve and pvp categories long ago. but there is one world in space game online, and at the same time there is a place for space gamerything in it — alliance wars,  one-on-one battles, destruction of npc ships, missions.
all combat situations can be divided into sspace gameral categories by their specifics and combat tactics used:
- combats at the gates, are most frequent, and are a key characteristics - the obvious desire of the attacked one to get away through the gate, and the desire of the opponent to prspace gament this;
- combats at undocking the station - based on active use of repairs of armor and structure of the ship by docking back, usually used only by those who can dock an the certain station;
- combats in deep space - are very rare, because a faster ship has a distinct advantage over others - it can always catch up the target (or escape if it is the target);
- combats in asteroid belts — usually happen among newcomers with weak ships for whom ore extraction resembles open space combats; they do not have the certain purpose  to escape at the beginning of the battle, and cannot easily estimate the opponent's strenth (and the asteroids make some corrections to the combat, too); such fights are often group fights- wall to wall;
- tournament fights, which have some restrictions on the abilities of the pilot, and also have restrictions on breaking the distance. pullout automatically means a loss in these battles.



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