there are areas in the space of space game online to which due to natural causes one can not get close. they are known for a long time and are called "deadspace". recently it has been discovered that instead of approaching or jumping, you can use the older acceleration gates (ancient acceleration gates - predecessors of the modern ones) to get into those areas, which just throw the ship into space, like a slingshot.
this method works, and penetration into these areas can be done through deadspace complexes - a number of pockets, which are connected with the ancient accelerating gate (the gate has to be activated).
to activate the gate you must first enter the complex - to find its beacon, then approached it. sometimes you need to look for an entry point - if there is no beacon.
the owners of such complexes carefully conceal them, so finding them can be difficult.
when you reach the solar system, which has deadspace, you'll see the entry point in the overview scanner.
if you want to explore the complex, you get an incoming message with some information about it and its lspace gamel of complexity after arriving at the complex (some complexes are too difficult to be traversed by one player).
then you need to determine where the key to the accelerating gates is. usually this key is at the deadspace overseer in the same pocket in which the gates themselves are. it is located in a structure of the asteroid colony type, or in checkpoint in the center of the pocket, which you will have blow up and rob. or the key may be hidden in some secret container.
but the key is needed not for all the gates - first try out the gates and see what actually is required to activate them.
to get into a deadspace sector is very profitable - there are lots of interesting things, and many players strive to get there.



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