DUST 514

the conceived by ccp integration of a mmog and a console shooter has nspace gamer been realized before. these genres of games are totally different, and this fundamental difference has been the factor that will ultimately make ccp to create exactly a shooter. in dust 514, there will be a lot of interesting things - ground and air transportation, stationary guns, command points, many technological innovations and strategy opportunities for the player. the fact that the shooter is multiplayer is also quite unusual for a console, and the relationship with a huge mmo game world should certainly attract a large number of new players.
the interaction between the 2 world will be the following way - players in space game will be able to assign jobs to the marines in dust 514, a kind of paid quests. by carrying out these tasks in the dust 514, the marines will help capture the planet, and will be able to use the money for various improvements. it will not be possible to literally see what happens in one game from the other game - the results of fighting in dust will affect the economic and political balance of forces in space game. the point of intersection between the two games will be the mercenary infantry.
the seizure of most sectors of the planet will mean for the player control over the entire planet, and the capture of most of the planets in a system - control over the solar system. thus combats among spaceships will be harmoniously complemented by battles on planets. and for the connection between the worlds there will be their own social network, and the current beta-tested project space game gate is also a step in the direction of communication for players from the different games.
the main focus of dust 514 is pvp. so npc marines are not planned, yet, and, in fact, space gamery player in the dust 514 will not be as free as the players in space game, because they will have to carry out someone's assignment anyway.



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