Combat drones. Part I.

combat drones are divided into as much as 4 different subclasses, designed for different purposes. so, there are actually fighting drones, which inflict damage and are mobile; sentry drones, shooting better and inflicting much damage, but immobilized; support drones, which steal the enemy's capacitor; and electronic warfare drones.
combat drones are characterized by sspace gameral important parameters:
- damage and damage modifier – this parameter determines the damage dealt by drones to the enemy.
optimal range & fallof – a property similar to the same one for turrets, which is important for sentry drones.
orbit velocity – the parameter that determines the drone's orbiting velocity, including the speed at which the drone flies around the enemy.
rate of fire - the rate of fire of the drone.
tracking – this parameter determines whether the chances of the drone to hit its target.
velocity – the speed of the drone (slow drones cannot do anything to fast ships).
there are three basic form factors of combat drones: light scout, medium scout and heavy attack drones. also there is a separate fighter drones category - but they are available only for certain ships. the larger is a drone, the more hit points and higher damage it has - but less speed and worse tracking. each size class of drones has four t1 drones and 4 t2 - different by the types of damage or race.

light scout drones
these are such drones as acolyte, hobgoblin, hornet, warrior. also there are their elder t2 variations. scout drones are the fastest of all drones, but have low health and do little damage. they occupy 5 m3 in the hold for drones – the drone bay. scout drones are not bad in a fight against light ships - frigates and interceptors. to use them, you need to have the skill scout drones operation.

medium scout drones
medium drones include hammerhead, infiltrator, valkyrie, vespa and t2 variants respectively. medium drones are larger the scouts – they take 10m3 in the drone bay and are better balanced in terms of both speed, damage and hit points. they are a perfect opponent to any frigate.



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