Combat drones. Part 2

heavy attack drones
heavy drones are the berserker, ogre, praetor and wasp plus their t2 counterparts. heavy drones take 25m3 in the drone bay. ogres are the most robust of the heavy drones – they are kind of tanks. they are also the slowest. the wasp is the fastest heavy drone. to use heavy drones the skill heavy drones operation is needed. these drones are better to attack cruisers or space gamen battleships - 5 heavy drones are a serious force.

sentry drones
sentry (patrol) drones cannot fly, but have powerful weapons. in the bay they occupy 25 cubic meters. their tracking is slow, so they are hard to hit fast goals. usage of sentry drones is  simple – they are unloaded, then given the order to attack, and then manually cllected back into the bay. representatives of sentry drones are the garde, warden, and others. using sentry drones is also pretty interesting – so that they shoot, it is necessary that the target is closer than drone range to you (not the drones!), and to the drones - closer then activation proximity. if you are at 60 km both from the drones and the target – the former will not shoot. and if you're at a distance of 10 km from the target, and drones somewhere 80 km behind the target - they will open fire.

combat utility drones
these are a group combat support drones. it inclueds three energy neutraliser drones with different degrees of sspace gamerity and power (acolyte ev-300, infiltrator ev-600 and praetor ev-900), which neutralize the capacitor energy in the enemy ships, and one heavy webifier drone (berserker sw-900) which throws kind of net upon the enemy.

logistics drones
this group includes important repair drones. they are fuirther divided on shield support drones and armor support drones. in this group there are 6 drones - two of each size type. one of them repaires the armor, and the other deals with the shield. they are extremely useful drones - because they do not require any slots or capacitor, and repair not only you but all friendly ships within their action range.



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