Collision tactics

collisions are one of the oldest and highly controversial tactics used in space game: online. in essence, collisions are physically pushing another vehicle, a kind of battering ram. in the world of space game such attacks do not cause physical damage to ships, but instead the physics of elastic rubber balls works between the collided ships. colliding against any ship with your vehicle at a high speed (assuming your ship has sufficient mass for this), you can push the enemy ship away and the latter will move with a speed that will exceed its normal maximum speed. and to return back to its normal speed after the collision the bumped ship will need some time - from sspace gameral seconds up to a minute, it all depends on the strength of the collision, the mass of the spacecraft and inertia modifier.
collisions have been used since long ago for the destruction of the mighty titans - bumping can prspace gament their warp. and before the invention of heavy interdictor ships with their strong warp disruption fields, this actually was an indispensable way to stop the giant ship from escaping to other low-sec sectors.
howspace gamer, the key reason for the collision still continues to be the opportunity to quickly push someone to the entrance to a station or a stargate. this possibility to escape through the gates or into the station may very substantially reduce the chance of death, and many novice pilots in the imperial sectors of space try to stay close to the gate or at a distance enough for docking a station during the battle. and on the other hand, collisions are always a guaranteed way to push them from a safe place and shoot them down.



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