Character generation

we will describe the process of space game online character generation, race and pedigree choice, and attributes distribution in this article.
any character in space game online only has 5 attributes: intelligence,  perception,  charisma,  willpower and  memory. the sum of initial attributes is equal for all races and pedigrees in the game – it amounts 39 points (34 points are distributed depending on pedigree and 5 points can be  allocated by the player). the existing races and pedigrees in the game are only different combinations of initial attributes.
there are no lspace gamels for characters in space game online, there are skills that need to be learned instead of lspace gamels. to learn a skill until a certain lspace gamel one has to spend some time and skill points (sp).
space gamery skill is characterized by primary and secondary attributes (for example,  memory/intelligence or perception/willpower), rank (or  training time multiplier), skill lspace gamel. some skills also require other skills to be learned first (you can check this in req. skills tab).
to determine which are the most important attributes for your character you have to choose which are the most important skills to learn and take into consideration skill ranks. this choice depends on how you plan to play. generally, perception and willpower are needed for fighters and battle groups, intelligence and memory are necessary for explorers and producers. the charisma attribute is not so important, it can be useful only for trade or leadership skills.  we would also advise not to make large gap between attributes when only beginning to play. it is better to turn to your specialty a bit later.
it can also be useful to choose a race/pedigree with balanced attributes from the beginning and with minimal charisma. here are some examples -  minmatar/sebiestor rebels  - the attributes are 8/8/8/8/7, and caldari/chura monks -  9/9/9/9/3.



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