Changes in Insurance

in its pre-tyrannis form the insurance system in space game has existed from the very start of the game. it is very popular among traders, who constantly risk their own ships, and among owners of expensive capital ships. in the game, there are npc insurance corporations, who, in case the player's single ship is destryed, will always give him a starter, "nube" ship. and basically the insurance system provides paying out the player a sum calculated from the value of minerals, which have been spent on the production of a particular ship.
from the very beginning of the game, this cost has been calculated on the basis of a certain fixed-base rate. this has not reflected and does not reflect the real market situation, which has space gamentually been realized by the dspace gamelopers. after all, the price of any resource is nonstatic, it varies depending on supply and demand, and the economic model in space game reflects this the best way possible. a player could buy these minerals for a higher price than the one counted at the time of paying the insurance, or for cheaper. these nuances have been taken into account by the dspace gamelopers and tyrannis has changed the prices calculation system for insurance.
now for a more accurate calculation of the amount of compensation for the lost vehicle, average prices for minerals, spent to create the ship, will be used for the entire period of insurance. there will be carried out constant monitoring of the market with a view to correcting these amounts, and maximum certainty, and the insurance rates will recalculated periodically. this is needed to ensure that no one thinks to cheat insurance companies, for example, by artificially raising the price of minerals used to create certain types of ships, and then by simply letting their ships to be shot to get overpiced insurance payments:)



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