Carriers 3

carriers may fit command links. command ships are better suited for this, but carriers may at take this role (with the right skills) at hotdrop.
the «common» corporate hangar can be used not only for ships, but also to transport ammunition for the entire fleet. the best choice would be to carry ammunition for battlships - during long siege of solar systems and poses battleships often play an important role and use a lot of ammunition. you can also buy unmanned ships, and put them in the hangar. what is bad — it is that the capacity of the hold and hangar at carriers is static, and cannot be increased by any modules or skills.
carriers can also act as a cyno beacon. this role usually goes to less powerful ships, but they are also the first target the enemy tries to destroy at hotdrop. a carrier with an installed cyno generator and reserves of ozone can always be a backup.
in a battle, carriers are often the main target for the enemy. to reduce the damage, especially from siege dreadnoughts, is necessary to move, space gamen with low speed. also, one should always monitor the balance of the capacitor. when fitting a combat carrier with smartbombs, one should delimit use of smartbombs and use of fighters, otherwise it is possible to accidentally knock down one's own fighters. smartbombs are well suited for the salvation of the most powerful capital ships - the titans and supercarries - as they can shoot down interdictor probes.
when repairing poses, there are two different tactics — using triage and without it. without triage it is better to turn around the pos orbit on the boundary of its shield. the exact orbit depends on your skills and the pos. if triage is used, the tactics is the same, but there is no rotation — the carrier will just hang at one point. howspace gamer, due to game mechanics, space gamen a carrier under triage may be bamped - so the chances that the allied ships will push the carrier under the shield are fairly high.



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