Carriers 2

Carriers have a very important feature allowing other Allied ships to change the fitting. 2 Carriers allow each other to change their fitting. To allow other ships to refit it is necessary to check the option - Configure ship - Allow gang member use. The advantage of this is obvious - ships become truly universal, and no longer dependent on the stations to change fitting. Carriers themselves can turn from a repair ship into a combat one in a few seconds - if the necessary modules are in the hold.
The main weapon of Carriers is Fighters. But the pilot of the Carrier can let any other pilot in the gang to control the fighter. It is possible to delegate control over 5 Fighters, it depends on the Drones skill of the pilot receiving the Fighters (Carrier can launch 10 Fighters at the same time - 5 for the maximum Drones skill, and 5 for the maximum Carrier skill, and additional fighters, using a special module Dron Control Unit in the high slots - one for one active module). For your convenience it is better to launch 5 fighters at the same time. Moreover, if the pilot, who managed the fighters, was killed on the battlefield, or left the gang or the system, the Fighters return to the Carrier -  then you can manage them yourself or delegate control to another ship again.
Carriers also explain their name by being able to carry smaller ships. These can be frigates, interdictors and any other that fit by size. This feature is very important — it strengthens the main fleet, allows pilots who have lost their ship on the battlefield, but retained the rescue capsule, to instantly return to the combat. Besides, the enemie's intelligence will not be able to exactly estimate your fleet, if a lot of Carriers also carry various smaller ships on them.



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