Carriers 1

a carrier is a powerful and universal support ship. it can perform many roles (which makes it favorably different from dreadnoughts) — serve as a mobile platform to control any system, a repair platform, be used for cyno installations, attack pos-es and much more.
simple carriers (there are supercarries, too -  former motherships) are the amarr archon (tanks with armor, able to cure the armor of other ship and restore the capacitor), the gallente thanatos (tanks with armor, repairs the shield and armor of other ships), the caldari chimera (tanks with shield, repairs the shield and restores the capacitor of other ships) and the minmatar nidhoggur (universal tank, repairs the shield and armor of other ships).
carriers navigation is almost the same as at dreadnoughts. they do not pass through gates, but jump through cyno. but they jump on a much larger distance. carrier also have a lot of unique properties, which should be listed in detail.
carrier can use a special repair module, called triage. the disadvantage of it is that it immobilizes the ship and makes it impossible to attack. for 10 minutes while triage is active a carrier can repair itself twice better, and the allied ships 4 times better (consumes the capacitor). during this time the carrier can neither warp nor jump, nor launch a fighter or simple drones. it is important collect all the fighters and drones in the hold before activation triage, otherwise control over them will be lost.
during the period of triage action,  the carrier cannot be repaired by other ships, only by its own repair units — while capacitor power is sufficient. but in such state 5 carriers can completely repair a pos, space gamen if it has dropped out reinforce for already 10 minutes. the main purpose of triage is supporting the allied fleet, pos and capital ships repair. when activated it consumes strontium, just as siege module at dreadnoughts.



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