as it becomes clear from the name, battleships are mostly used as combatant ships in space game online. actually there is no strict restriction on how to this type of ships – you can see them both in large scale combat operations, pvp battles and just used for agent missions or ore mining. battleships like any other type of space game ships can have different configurations and can be used for any purposes. howspace gamer, their main purpose is to be the main striking force in a combat group.
there 2 types of battleships for each race in the game (not mentioning t2 modifications). the ships very fairly much between one another, including price and bonuses. battleships include the powerful caldari battleship, typhoon of the minmatars or megathron of the gallente or more specific ships like scorpion (caldari) designed for radio-electronic combat and raven – a real racket platform.
due to its firepower, a battleship can destroy any lower class ship without assistance or space gamen a group of ships.
on the other hand, the heavy weapons aboard make it weak against a group of lightweight and fast battlecruisers which battleships can miss. for such cases it is reasonable to have some drones – semi autonomous vehicles. there also sspace gameral classes of drones – light scout drones – fast ones with light weapons to protect from not too serious enemies; medium scout drones able to destroy space gamen cruisers; heavy drones able to combat against large ships, but bad for small ones;  maintenance drones, drones for radio-electronic “war”. there are also racket launchers with high speed rackets and fast recharge good against fast enemy ships.
if supported by other fast and lightweight ships, a group of battleships is a very serious power which can control a part of space and which can be defeated only by a larger group of ships.



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