armor tanking in space game online

when armor tanking it is important to rapidly repair the armor. for this purpose there is module armor repairer, which is placed in a low slot. repair modules are of different sizes, depending on the size of the ship. on frigates you install small armor repairer i, on cruisers medium armor repairer i is already used, and so on increasing.
for a cycle of work (large modules have a longer cycle), the repair module consumes the capacitor and renovates a some part of the armor. efficiency ranges here from 1.5 — 2.6 armor hp restored per  1 unit of energy (depending on the class of the repair modules). such ships as gallente brutix or amarr impel have a bonus to the work of repair modules.
to improve the repairing with the modules skill repair systems (27,000 isk) is needed, which accelerates repairing by 5% per skill lspace gamel. implants zet10 (100 and 1000), zet40 (400 and 4000), and rigs nanobot accelerator and auxiliary nano pump will also increase the efficiency .
for increase the hp of the armor itself skill hull upgrades (54,000 isk) is needed, which increases the amount of the armor by 5% per skill lspace gamel; there will also be useful additional armor plates (placed in low slots), modules to increase the armor points regenerative membrane and regenerative plating (also are installed in low slots); rig trimark armor pump.
to supply the ship with the energy required for rapid repair of the armor, ther are needed modules regenerating the capacitor - capacitor recharger, capacitor batteries, capacitor flux coil, capacitor power relays, capacitor boosters. besides them, there can used rigs capacitor control circuit and semiconductor memory cell.
another approach to armor tanking consist in using modules to improve the armor resists to certain types of damage (cumulative, explosive, etc.). by the technology, their use is closer to the use of the shield — it is a more "active" tanking than armor tanking.



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