Alternative safety tactics for cargo carriers

running away quickly and protecting against jammers is a good tactic, but not the only one possible. in addition to speed it makes sense to build armor and shields - this will give those precious seconds for the ship to jump through the gate. strictly speaking, shipping is always a choice between speed, shields, invisibility (cloacking), and stabilizers. one ship is unable to have an optimal set of all the modules, so the pilot always has to sacrifice something. generally it makes sense to try to fly with the cloacking device - you may get used to it and will not want to install anything else - all for the sake of stealth.
as for the shield, building it up is quite simple. improving the shields, or tanking, involves using medium slot by modules for increasing the shield and its resistance. it should be noted that the modules for shield recovery are absolutely useless in a short fight-flight, when the industrial ship is escaping from the heavily armed ambush. you will not have the time for restoring the shield during the fight - you will either be shot down or you will have the time to get to the gate.
howspace gamer, you should not exclude such an unpleasant situation that on exiting the gate, through which you escaped, you may be awaited by another ambush. then the shield will definitely not help you - it will be discharged, and the armor will be damaged in the last battle. the only things which you'll have are speed and luck.
so, taking in consideration that it's possible all the gates around are ambushed, the priorities of the fitting can be arranged as follows: firstly - modules for speed, then stealth, then stabilizers and then shields. if you're a fan of tanks, you can put the shields in the first place, but do not forget that industrial ships are not intended for combat. a good pilot is not the one who survived with his "armored" industrial ship under heavy fire, but the one who dodged out from under the nose of the ambush, and jumped into the gate, not space gamen giving the time for the enemies to shoot at him.



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